ETV100 Electrothrust drive gives improved performance

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ETV100 Electrothrust drive gives improved performanceThe latest addition to Parker Electromechanical's ET Electrothrust range of linear actuators offers enhanced performance and an extended working life. Derived from the proven ET100 electric cylinder, the ETV100 utilises the same basic design in combination with higher performance key components.

Superior performance is accomplished through the use of a high-quality C7 ball screw, with a six-circuit nut instead of a three-circuit one. Further changes include the integration of taper roller bearings and the addition of a bearing lubrication point. While the upgraded ball screw provides the benefit of double the static and dynamic capacity, the taper roller bearings provide an increase of load capacity of three times when compared to the original angular contact bearings.

The ETV100 offers thrusts in excess of 21kN, stroke lengths of up 1500mm and +/-0.07mm repeatability. With a ball screw diameter of 40mm, two pitch options of 5mm and 10mm are offered, permitting linear speeds of up to 340mm/s.

Like the other actuators in the Electrothrust range, the ETV100 is available in both direct and belt-driven parallel drive configurations and features the same standard options for rod end configuration and cylinder mounting. An IP65-rated version is also available, suitable for use in washdown, external and contaminated environments.

Together these enhancements expand the scope of applications open to the Electrothrust range and extend the actuator's working life in applications previously satisfied by the existing ET100 actuators. Typical applications include materials handling and feed duties, testing equipment, pick-and-place tasks, and valve/flap actuation. With the IP65 option the ETV100 is also suitable for use in food and beverage applications where system washdown is a prerequisite.

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