Improved operator panel for CNC and general controllers

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The Delta Tau Advantage 400 a CNC/general-purpose controller available from Micromech Systems has been given an upgrade in the form of a completely new operator control panel. The Machine Operator Panel Lite (MOP-LT) is self-powered and operates via a convenient USB 2.0 connection that requires only a single plug-in cable to link it to the controller

The smallest in the MOP range of operator control panels, the new MOP-LT features IP65 ingress protection that also has dustproof seals. While it is intended for use with Advantage 400 controllers, it is also fully compatible for machine upgrades with any computers currently running Delta Tau CNC software.

MOP-LT panels provide facilities for mode change and for manual axis management, including axis selection and increment selection, together with jog and handwheel movements. Spindles can likewise be controlled manually, along with continuously variable spindle and feed-rate overrides.

The panels come with 'easy-to-use' software that allows users to configure their own custom applications, and having a handy USB hub allows accessories such as a mouse or keyboard to be connected.

Simple, low-cost machine control

The Advantage 400 controllers for which the MOP-LT panels are primarily intended provide simple and inexpensive motion control for machines of all types, from metal cutting tools to lasers, flatbed cutters and Cartesian robots.

In addition to their motion control functions, the controllers also offer PLC functionality that allows significant cost savings to be made in many applications.

Micromech Systems is an authorised systems integrator for Delta Tau high-level, multi-axis motion control products.

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