Worm wheel gearboxes claimed to set a new standard

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Parvalux Electric Motors is launching the G Box, a worm wheel gearbox that the company claims sets new standards for performance and reliability. The new G Box range is produced in the UK and combines Parvalux's extensive product knowledge and manufacturing experience with the latest materials and technologies.

For example, the design features a direct drive between the gearbox and motor which, unlike many similar products, does not employ any rubber or moulded components that could wear or degrade with time and use. Parvalux says this is unique and results in a gearbox that offers exceptional performance and durability.

In fact, Parvalux is so confident of the durability, reliability and performance of its G Box gearboxes that each unit carries a five-year warranty.

Other features of the G Box include:

  • The rugged gearbox is based on 130mm square, cast aluminium design that features industry standard three-, four- or five-point mountings
  • The sealed-for-life construction uses high-performance lubricants and the gearboxes are suitable for running in any position
  • Available ratios include 12.5, 25, 30, 50, 75 and 100:1
  • Gears are designed for minimum noise and there is a choice of Delrin, which gives a maximum torque of up to 55Nm, or high-torque bronze gears for more demanding applications up to 70Nm
  • Output speeds range from 25-600rev/min and, in common with all Parvalux gearboxes, there is a huge range of options that enables the gearbox to be customised to meet the exact requirements of individual applications
  • These options can include for example, solid or hollow output shafts up to 25mm in diameter and mechanical brakes
  • G Box gearboxes can be supplied as individual units or in production quantities
  • The G Box range of gearboxes can be integrated with Parvalux's compact and efficient range of high-performance AC induction, permanent magnet DC or DC brushless motors
  • DC brushless motors can also be supplied with an integrated speed controller to provide a complete motor-gearbox-control package

26 October 2006

Parvalux Electric Motors Ltdvisit website
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