New submersible air motors plus non-magnetic models

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Huco Dynatork is introducing a fully submersible range of air motors that will appeal to designers in the marine engineering and process industries where the use of electric or hydraulic motors would be costly, complicated and time-consuming.

Building on the inherent benefits of its basic air motor design that was specifically developed for operation in harsh and hazardous environments, Huco Dynatork has created the fully submersible range. These acetyl-bodied models with stainless steel shafts and bearings are available in two sizes - and specials can be made to order.

Suitable for motion control applications underwater - such as opening valves or driving stirrers, the motors are also a good choice for washdown environments and flood-risk areas. Furthermore, the motors can withstand aggressive chemicals and high-pressure hosing.

In common with the standard range, these new submersible motors excel in constant start/stop applications under load and can be applied to give similar characteristics to those of a stepper motor. Reverse operation is achieved by using five-port control valves, giving near-instant response, even under load.

All the Huco Dynatork submersible air motors need to operate is compressed air, and even that is minimal. They require up to 80 per cent less than vane motors, providing significant cost savings even at maximum torque. Free-floating pistons transmit maximum torque on start-up that can be adjusted via a pressure regulator.

As a ready supply of compressed air is common in the marine and offshore sites, these new motors will be of particular interest to these sectors. Air can be supplied via a reservoir and tests have confirmed that a Huco Dynatork motor will run continuously for more than 15 minutes from a standard diving cylinder.

Non-magnetic models

Another important air motor development that is already generating considerable interest in the nuclear industry is the new Huco Dynatork non-magnetic model. It combines stainless steel shafts and ceramic bearings, enabling use in high magnetic fields. It is therefore suitable for applications involving particle acceleration and in systems such as MRI scanners.

31 January 2007

Huco (Altra Industrial Motion)visit website
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