CML 700i measuring light curtain features Profinet interface

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CML 700i measuring light curtain features Profinet interfaceWith its new model of IP65 CML 700i measuring light curtain, Leuze electronic adds Profinet communications. This complements the interfaces already available – CAN-open, IO-Link and RS 485. The communications are integrated within the receiver unit, together with the control electronics, which eliminates the need for additional devices and software.

Configuration is carried out directly via the large display, using Leuze Sensor Studio or directly via the GSDML file in the control, which saves all of the settings and makes it possible for devices to be replaced without having to re-configure. The CML 700i Profinet model is equipped with an integrated switch for setting up a ring or linear topology.

Through cascade mounting with a dead zone of just 23mm between beams, fast response times and the detection of, among other things, transparent objects, this model is able to perform gapless object tracing - for example, on conveyor lines. The data can be transmitted with a speed of 100MBit/s. Depending on the length (up to 2880mm), the measuring light curtain makes the data available cyclically within 1ms to 53ms. The maximum length of the measurement data is 222bytes, whereby the individual values of the individual beams can be output at any position. As a result, an evaluation of height, width or orientation can be realised easily and quickly. Available in this CML 700 series are variants, among others, that are certified for use in potentially explosive areas of group II, category 3, zone 2 (gas) and zone 22 (dust).

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