iglidur L350 bearing rotates quickly, wears slowly

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iglidur L350 bearing rotates quickly, wears slowlyAs a result of continuous research and development, igus has a new material for very high speeds in continuous operation. The iglidur L350 is well suitable for use in fans, blowers or electric motors. In rotational tests in the igus test laboratory in Cologne, the material proved its full potential against its metallic counterparts.

Robert Dumayne, dry-tech director, igus says: “iglidur L350 is the perfect alternative to oil-impregnated sintered bearings, both for initial installation and for the retrofit.”

Friction and wear are critical issues, especially where permanently fast rotations prevail. iglidur L350 scores very high compared with other options such as metallic sintered bearings due to the much higher resilience against impacts and edge pressure. Test results also showed a three-fold reduction in wear at speeds of 1.5m/s. While sintered bearings reached their limits at still higher speeds, the coefficients of friction and wear for iglidur L350 plain bearings remained constantly low.

Key characteristics of the new material are its low thermal expansion, even at temperatures of up to +210degC. Due to the low moisture absorption properties, the material is also safe in different media. Plain bearings made of iglidur L350 can be calculated and ordered online; the material is also available for the development and production of customer-specific geometries and bearing sytems.

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