New piezoelectric load washers in HBM’s PACEline CLP range

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New piezoelectric load washers in HBM’s PACEline CLP rangeHBM is launching three new piezoelectric miniature force washers, which enable force to be measured at locations where standard force sensors cannot be installed.

Available in three new capacities, (3kN, 14kN and 36kN) these additions complete the innovative PACEline CLP range from HBM and are available for instant integration into existing set ups using all industry-standard screw connections from M2.5 to M14.

Featuring a compact design, the new additions to the PACEline CLP range can be easily installed in very small sets ups, without the need to resize or adapt the screw or bolt connections, offering substantial time savings.

Piezoelectric force washers use a measurement principle whereby the sensitivity does not depend on the nominal force, which makes the PACEline CLP range suitable for measurements in partial load ranges, where greater resolution is required.

All products in the PACEline CLP range feature a symmetrical design to give good linearity and have very minimal displacement, which results in very high stiffness and excellent dynamic properties.

Suitable for machine monitoring applications and laboratory experiments, the PACEline CLP range of piezoelectric load washers feature a minimal height of typically four millimetres, which is particularly suitable for when space is constrained.

Available in seven different versions ranging from 3 kN to 80 kN and manufactured from stainless steel, all washers in the PACEline CLP range are RoHS compliant and come complete with an integrated cable of either 0.5 or one meter long.

The PACEline range is suitable for use in force and strain measurement technology and is based on the piezoelectric effect. HBM offers a growing range of piezoelectric test and measuring equipment under the PACEline brand to complete the standard range of force sensors based on strain gauge technology.

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