Train recognition on the track with robust UHF RFID antenna

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Train recognition on the track with robust UHF RFID antennaHarting’s new Ha-VIS RF-ANT-WR24 UHF antenna range is very robust and reliable, making it well suited for creating gates for container tracking platform identification in situations where the antenna is installed directly under the train. The antenna is also suitable for applications in conditions of extreme temperatures.

The new antenna range includes three models. The WR24-i is suitable for general industrial use. The minimalistic design and N connector also make it suitable for special gate applications such as train recognition on the railway track.

The WR24-r is made of stainless steel, and is designed for applications where a mechanically robust option is needed. This design also comes without a connector on the antenna. All antenna features are designed for installation in extreme conditions – under the train, for example.

Finally, the WR24-t is designed for UHF applications in environments with special temperature range requirements, including operation at up to +150degC.

Please follow the link for further information about the Ha-VIS RF-ANT-WR24 UHF antenna range.

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