Narrowest type 2 surge protection free of leakage current

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Narrowest type 2 surge protection free of leakage currentThe new Valvetrab-SEC VF protective devices from Phoenix Contact are described as the world’s narrowest type 2 surge protective devices (SPD) free of leakage current. Thanks to Safe Energy Control Technology, the protective devices feature high performance and durability.

With their compact design and high performance, they offer comprehensive protection in a minimum amount of space. One example of leakage currents that may occur is in object control systems in signal boxes on railway lines. Temporary surge voltages associated with high reverse currents can occur here. Protective devices based on varistors can be quickly overloaded. Another example is where there are intentional leakage currents in electrical installations. They damage normal surge protective devices (SPDs) within a short period of time. In order to protect electrical devices, the use of protective components with a series connection for a gas-filled SPD is therefore recommended. The series connection isolates the varistor from the temporary surge voltages and reverse currents. A low voltage protection level is maintained.

Versions are available for single and three-phase TN-S and TT systems as well as for three-phase TN-C systems with a continuous voltage of 350 V AC. Recurring inspections of the protective plugs are carried out quickly and easily with the Checkmaster 2 test device.

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