Tank breathers are more environmentally friendly

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Tank breathers are more environmentally friendlyThe Hydraulic Filter Division Europe of Parker Hannifin is launching a new generation of environmentally-friendly tank breathers. The ABL breather range is equipped with the patented LEIF element. The Low Environmental Impact Filter (LEIF) elements are suitable for use on hydraulic and lubrication oil tank applications where simple operation and low maintenance are vital.

Most tank breather filters are currently supplied with a paper element, which has a 40micron rating that is rarely matched to the rating of the oil filter. However, the range of ABL tank breather units employ a 3micron absorbance glassfibre filter element, offering complete control on the cleanliness of incoming air, and contributing significantly to the lifespan of other system components.

The ABL is available in two sizes, capable of handling a nominal capacity of 1000 and 2000 l/min. Due to the high capacity and low delta-p, the risk of vacuum in the tank is reduced significantly when the oil is drawn out of the reservoir. In addition to this, due to rapid oil level fluctuations in the reservoir, air can flow easily out of the tank through the breather.

Once contaminated, only the LEIF breather element needs to be replaced, keeping replacement costs down and minimising the impact on the environment. In addition, a baseplate hot-melt connection with cap made from a high-impact-resistant plastic allows simple construction, while remaining environmentally-friendly and re-usable. A visual indicator with memory latch function is available to monitor the condition of the breather element.

The lightweight unit provides greater reliability and reduces the cost of waste treatment considerably; overall, the LEIF tank breathers have proven to be cost-effective for the hydraulics industry. Also available in the range and fitted with LEIF elements are compact EAB flange-mounted internal tank breathers.

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