Stepper features integrated encoder to avoid position loss

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Stepper features integrated encoder to avoid position lossMclennan Servo Supplies is introducing a new integrated closed-loop stepper motor and drive from Tamagawa. The low-cost i-Stepmotor combines a choice of NEMA 11, 17 or 23 size stepper motors fitted with a 200-line encoder plus a dedicated stepper drive requiring a simple pulse and direction input. The complete system offers smooth microstepping speed performance with zero position loss and, as the encoder feedback system does not rely upon conventional servo technology, there is no need to set gain adjustment and no tendency for the motor to hunt at standstill.

The i-Stepmotor system is aimed at both new and retrofitted positioning applications requiring the simplicity of conventional stepper motor pulse train control but where motor stalling and its subsequent position loss results in excessive manufacturing cost, unwarranted production downtime or is otherwise deemed intolerable.

The chassis-mounted microstepping drive requires a 24V DC supply and is fitted with connectors for direct connection to matching motor and encoder cables or for connection to optional cable extensions in convenient lengths up to 10m. The drive has eight dip-switch selectable resolutions from 200 steps/rev to 25,600 steps/rev. A second dip-switch is used to set the maximum and standby motor current ratings ranging from 0.1-3.0A.

Outputs and alarms

The drive also includes a comprehensive array of outputs for move completion and alarms such as over-current and over-voltage conditions, inputs for drive enable, standby current reduction and alarm reset, as well as repeated encoder outputs for connection to counters or other equipment.

All motors have a smooth speed capability of up to 4000rpm with maximum holding torque from 0.12-1.05 Nm. The size 11 and 17 motor/encoders are available in a single length and the 23 frame motor/encoder is available in a choice of two stack lengths. Motor/encoder assemblies include 300mm long cables with connectors fitted.

The i-Stepmotor is easy to set-up and integrate into precision positioning applications as a standalone motion system with the customer providing pulse and direction or CW/CCW outputs from his own controller.

Alternatively, using its own design and manufacturing capability, Mclennan is able to provide complete mechatronic systems based around the motor and drive with a wide selection of multi-axis motion controls and custom-designed mechanics including spur or planetary gearboxes and other powertrain components.

20 July 2007

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