Lee Spring targets rail industry with specialist springs

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Lee Spring targets rail industry with specialist springsThe ex-stock 25,000 plus range of catalogue springs from Lee Spring have long been a favourite of rolling stock manufacturers. Their standard compression springs, torsion springs and extension springs have found application on braking systems, inter-carriage connecting systems, bogie suspensions, buffers, signalling and track actuators.

Now Lee Spring are pleased to announce their custom capability for special springs on urgent demand. Custom special springs in exotic alloys such as Inconel, Hastelloy and Elgiloy offer the extraordinary performance necessary for applications with excessive heat build-up or excessive strength requirements. In addition, rail usage often places very high demands on materials, in particular great longevity with high corrosion resistance to de-icing fluids and highly aggressive braking system waste products. Special alloys and custom designs can provide these characteristics in a Lee Spring supply chain based in the UK and Germany for Europe-wide delivery.

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