M12 A-coded connectors for food and beverage industries

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binder is announcing M12 A-coded connectors designed specifically for applications in the food and beverage sectors where stringent hygiene requirements have to be met for machinery, systems and components.

As well as the food and beverage sector, these new M12 circular connectors are well suited for use in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries and in all types of industrial food processing, including milk and cheese dairies, abattoirs, bottling plants and food storage.

binder has designed these M12 connectors using premium materials such as stainless steel and special plastics with highly smooth contours to prevent dirt adhesion. Since high-pressure cleaning with aggressive chemicals is widely used throughout these food and beverage sectors, these M12 connectors meet the requirements of IP68 and IP69K.

The new range includes moulded and angled male and female cable connectors and connecting cables with M12 threads. The moulded heads are made from cream-coloured RAL 9001 polypropylene plastic and the cables have a grey PVC jacket.

This specification ensures that these versions look different from the standard connectors and, importantly, the light-coloured surface means dirt and residue are easy to see. In addition to the existing tests and the UL certification that is under preparation, the connectors have been subjected to the Ecolab test seal that confirms the material’s resistance to detergents and disinfectants.

The connectors are available in three, four and five-pole versions in accordance with DIN EN 61076-2-101 and DIN EN 61076-2-104, respectively. Please visit for further information about these M12 A-coded connectors.

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