Lower-cost auto drain valves expand FRL operating range

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Lower-cost auto drain valves expand FRL operating rangeHoerbiger-Origa is launching a new automatic drain valve for its Airfit range of air preparation filters, regulators and lubricators, thereby expands the operating range in terms of temperature and pressure.

A design-for-manufacture reappraisal of the Airfit units has led to a price reduction over the earlier units, while a reduction in overall size has also helped open up the range's appeal to a wider range of applications.

Whereas the proven Airfit automatic drain valve was designed for ambient temperatures up to 70degC, the maximum ambient and medium temperature for the new valve, depending on version, is 120degC. The maximum working pressure is also increased from 16 bar to 20 bar.

Like its predecessor, the new Origa automatic drain valve is designed for use with the series A50 (1.5 and 2 inch), A25 (3/4 and 1 inch) and Comfort (1/2 inch) units. But thanks to its compact design, it is also compatible with the Airfit swing series (1/4 and 3/8 inch). This rationalisation of the range will lead to further cost saving for users, who can reduce stockholding.

Coinciding with the launch of the new automatic drain valve, Origa is also introducing a new drain valve that is said to combine manual and semi-automatic operation into one unit for the first time. Product Manager Werner Zipperer says: "Our aim here was to make ordering easier for our customers. With product catalogues in our branch becoming thicker and thicker, we wanted to show that some things could become simpler."

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