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Entry-level, smartphone-based machine health monitoring from SKFSKF is releasing a new handheld sensor, which, when used in combination with one of two smartphone apps, simplifies the collection and interpretation of critical machine condition data. Simple and robust, SKF's QuickCollect sensor monitors both vibration and temperature, transmitting this data wirelessly to a mobile device, where an entry-level QuickCollect app provides machine diagnostics for storage and analysis.

A second app, SKF DataCollect, offers QuickCollect users an upgrade path to extended diagnostic capabilities, manage and monitor maintenance tasks and inspection data, and the ability to register for and connect to the SKF Cloud for access to SKF's remote expert services.

Designed to be used as part of a walk-through machine data collection routine by service, operations and maintenance staff, the QuickCollect sensor and app requires no special skills to use, yet it is able to monitor many assets quickly and efficiently, providing an analysis of each asset's condition in real time.

In addition to vibration and temperature monitoring, the DataCollect app provides automated vibration diagnostic features based on ISO standards, compliance of maintenance tasks and inspections, report generation, date and time stamping and compatibility with SKF's @ptitude Inspector software.

Barrie Rogers, Product Line Manager for SKF Enlight QuickCollect at SKF, comments: "The biggest challenge when using data to smarten up your equipment maintenance routines is getting that data in the first place. The QuickCollect sensor and apps make this task not only easier but also cheaper than ever before. This entry-level machine monitoring system does not require lots of training or skilled vibration analysts; it gives you on-the-spot indication of machine health, automated diagnostics, plus the ability to connect to expert help when problems are identified."

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