Compact and easy: the new m850 synchronous servo motors

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Compact and easy: the new m850 synchronous servo motorsLenze is extending its portfolio with the new m850 synchronous servo motors designed for machines that need medium dynamics with medium-to-high powers. The m850 series is very compact and easy to control, and is characterised by its optimal smooth running properties. This means that the synchronous servo motors are especially suitable for positioning tasks, for example in handling systems, in packaging systems and in robotics.

The m850 motors are easy to control thanks to a design that sets a favourable ratio of torque to inertial mass. The optimal smooth running properties of the motors guarantee exact working results, as a result of which the m850 series is especially suitable for those applications where a high degree of smooth and quiet operation is required. The motors have been designed to perform simple positioning tasks requiring a medium level of dynamic response.

The requirements of higher level applications where maximum dynamic responsiveness and precision are required are met by Lenze’s tried-and-tested MCS motors. The housing of the m850 series has smooth and easy to clean surfaces with IP65 protection. This suits the compact motors for use in the food industry. The synchronous motors are equipped with a robust resolver feedback system as standard but, as an option, can also be supplied with a multi-turn sin-cos encoder for higher precision. Cables with SpeedTec connectors together with rotatable plugs on the motors enable speedy installation and replacement in the event of service.

This new motor series supplements the Lenze synchronous servo motor portfolio in the power range 2.0 to 9.2kW and with rated torques from 4.8 to 35Nm. Three matching ranges of Lenze servo inverters with varying functionality, the i700, 9400 and 8400 TopLine, combine to create economic, efficient and powerful drive systems.

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