Light, durable and food-safe: new xiros guide rollers from igus

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Light, durable and food-safe: new xiros guide rollers from igusFor guide and conveyor rollers, igus has developed a fully FDA-compliant design. The fully assembled guide roller system comprises a blue PVC tube and two flanged ball bearings made of xirodur B180 with stainless steel balls.

Robert Dumayne, dry-tech director, igus says: “All components used in these guide rollers are FDA-compliant. Compared to stainless steel tubes, the food-grade plastic tube weighs only about one-third as much – this significantly reduces the amount of drive energy required. Also the self-lubricating xiros ball bearings offer less friction than sealed lubricated ball bearings made of metal, and the balls do not have to overcome the resistance of the lubricant. Here, they have the advantage that they start much more easily than ball bearings made of metal.”

The system is offered in two installation sizes with outer diameters of 50 and 63mm. The light weight rollers are available from stock in lengths of 100 to 1000mm. For further information about the guide and conveyor rollers, please visit

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