TeSys D Green range of energy-efficient contactors

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TeSys D Green range of energy-efficient contactorsSchneider Electric is launching an energy-efficient range of TeSys D Green contactors for control and switching applications. The new contactors are equipped with an innovative electronic coil that requires up to 80 per cent less energy and generates up to 50 per cent less heat inside cabinets compared with electromechanical contactors. This will help large process and manufacturing plants noticeably reduce their energy bills and meet sustainability goals.

David Barrett-Hague, Product Marketing Manager for Schneider Electric, says: "New regulations and standards are requiring companies to become more accountable for energy efficiency and sustainability. So we have given TeSys D Green best-in-class coil efficiency for significant energy savings. It is also very simple for OEMs to select while including many cost-saving installation features. And plant managers will appreciate its exceptional reliability and eco-friendly design."

TeSys D Green contactors are designed to help keep processes up and running, with SEMIF47-compliant performance due to a wide band coil with higher resistance to voltage disturbances on the grid. The range also features an electrically noise-free design, reduced contact bounce from mechanical shock and vibration, and reliable repetitive actuation regardless of voltage fluctuations. A TeSys D Green contactor can also help lower dissipation and energy consumption for an entire cabinet by combining with the new TeSys LR9D electronic overload relay for less heat generation.

For original equipment manufacturers, ordering and inventory management has been simplified with just four product references covering control voltages from 24V to 500V in AC or DC. TeSys D Green products are also compatible with current TeSys accessories, while standard dimensions and terminal assignments enable direct replacement of other standard contactors, regardless of manufacturer.

TeSys D Green offers easy integration with automation product architectures. Its compact size takes up less space in machines and high-density electrical cabinets. To simplify design and reduce wiring and material costs, extension contactors rated up to 80A enable direct PLC control from standard 24V DC / 500mA static outputs, without requiring an interface relay. Contactors also include EverLink power connectors that ensure creep-free connections and less heat loss.

The TeSys D Green range is part of a complete portfolio of ‘green’ products and services for industrial machines and processes. Designed to help businesses meet their environment goals, TeSys D Green has earned the Schneider Electric Green Premium ecoLabel based on its eco-design and compliance with the RoHS, REACH, PEP, and EoLI environmental standards and requirements. TeSys Green D products also comply with international safety standards to support global exporting.

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