Compact Bluetooth wireless module: wireless signal transmission

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Compact Bluetooth wireless module: wireless signal transmissionThe Wireless-MUX Bluetooth wireless module from Phoenix Contact transmits 16 digital and two analogue signals bi-directionally, which means that it can replace a 40-wire signal cable. The new products feature a state-of-the-art hardware platform, based on the Bluetooth standard 4.0, and offer analogue channels with a higher level of accuracy.

As part of the harmonisation of Phoenix Contact’s wireless modules, the antenna connection has been changed from MCX to RSMA and moved to the top in order to optimise the space used in the control cabinet.

The Wireless-MUX system does not require additional configuration or settings; it can simply be started up. It features fast connection establishment and a low delay time. The wireless system is robust and reliable and supports interference-free operation alongside WLAN. The link quality indicator provides the user with constant information regarding the connection quality.

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