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Pilz PASvisu HMI software for web-based visualisationWith the latest version (v1.4) of the PASvisu web-based visualisation software users can easily link compact Pilz PNOZmulti controllers to the software via a direct connection for monitoring and controlling safety and standard automation functions on machines. This way all inputs and outputs that are controlled by PNOZmulti hardware components can be conveniently adopted for use in an HMI.

Not only is configuration easy, but PASvisu also provides for excellent process visualisation both locally and remotely thanks to the diverse range of style sheets that is available; any HTML5-compatible web browser can be used.

Reduce downtime

One of the major advantages of using PASvisu is the convenient diagnostic option that is possible due to the direct connection between the HMI software and the controller. With immediate access to diagnostic data, downtime is reduced and restarts are faster. Furthermore, PASvisu is open for all systems, so users can easily link to all types of controller via an OPC UA Server connection, allowing all of the controller's variables to be transferred.

PASvisu consists of the PASvisu Builder configuration tool and PASvisu Runtime. User-friendly features include:

  • Visualisation with tiles: pre-defined GUI (graphic user interface) elements bring all relevant properties with them (eg prefix, suffix and error status)
  • Process variables are connected via automatic filtering out in the tool (ie there is no need to set up the variables manually)
  • Through the separation of function and appearance on CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets), various predefined styles can be used within each project
  • Cross-platform access with almost any device such as a PC, tablet or smartphone via HTML5-compatible web browsers
  • Genuine client-server functionality – remote maintenance can be carried out separately from on-site operation

Earlier it was stated that PASvisu is open for all systems, connecting controllers via an OPC UA Server connection, but Pilz says that PASvisu is perfectly tailored for use with its PSS 4000 automation system. The PAS4000 control software can easily be linked to the PASvisu visualisation software, providing benefits during configuration, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

To complement the PASvisu software, Pilz also offers the PASkey, an encrypted USB memory stick for transferring elements of the the PASvisu configuration (known as PASunits) between different controllers or HMIs. Pilz also offers its own PMIvisu family of machine interfaces.

Follow the link for more information about PASvisu web-based visualisation software.

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