Bridge handle front fastening kit from Elesa

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Bridge handle front fastening kit from Elesa Elesa is promoting its bridge handle front fastening kit. Bridge/pull handles are such widely used items in industry that we sometimes need to modify the fixing – for example where a machine handle cannot be fitted from the rear or where the selected handle is just too short to fit across mounting points. This is a fitment problem which can occur with many handles for instruments, machines, protection panels and other specialist applications on industrial equipment.

In this situation Elesa’s special fastening kit rapidly resolves the problem. So for rear-mounted grab handles this kit is a simple option which enables front mounting (where only a rear mounting handle is available) and extends the handle to fit wider mounting points where necessary.

This kit is applicable for plastic and metal handles from the Elesa range such as those in duroplast, technopolymer or aluminium. Specialist Elesa handles also include heat insulated and high temperature tolerant materials as well as those available in RAL colours of black, white, orange, grey, yellow, blue and red.

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