Portescap 20DBM miniature can stack linear actuator at Mclennan

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Portescap 20DBM miniature can stack linear actuator at MclennanNow available from Mclennan, Portescap’s new 20DBM series can stack linear actuator combines a hollow-shaft 48-step ‘tin-can’ stepper motor and a precision leadscrew with an axially preloaded nut. With proven applications in medical equipment, valve control and miniature positioning stages, the 20DBM is a convincing option for cost-effective and compact linear positioning.

The 20mm diameter 20DBM is a new addition to a family of can-stack linear actuators from Portescap with motor diameters up to 57mm that offer progressively increasing linear thrust from high energy neodymium magnets and optimised electromagnetic circuitry. Typically supplied with a travel resolution of 0.001 to 0.004 inches per motor step (with metric sizes available in larger quantities), the low backlash performance and the compact size of the assembly suits medium to high precision positioning where space is at a premium. For the 20DBM series, installation is made easy with two versions – captive and non-captive – where the captive design reduces overall size and produces purely translational motion while the non-captive linear stepper provides longer travel with a typical 50mm stroke. Larger ball bearings with patent-pending pre-load design support higher axial load capacity up to 50N with excellent positional repeatability.

Within the 20DBM series four winding options are available as standard for each of the captive and non-captive versions. These cover operating voltage from 2.9 to 12V DC and rated current from 0.17 to 0.71A per phase. Custom versions are available for different leadscrew lengths and mounting arrangements as well as electrical and connection options.

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05 September 2017

Mclennan Servo Supplies Ltdvisit website
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