Networked safe torque off option module from Rockwell

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Networked safe torque off option module from RockwellRockwell Automation is introducing a networked safe torque off option module, allowing safety and nonsafety functions to share the same EtherNet/IP network. Designed for the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755 and PowerFlex 755T AC drives, this safety option helps protect personnel and equipment by removing rotational power from the motor without removing power from the drive. This functionality allows a quick restart after a demand on the safety system.

Punita Chawda, product specialist, Rockwell Automation states: “The ability to integrate safety into a control system over EtherNet/IP reduces wiring and equipment redundancies associated with hardwired safety systems. It also provides access to real-time data that can help customers improve application productivity.”

Compatible with both Allen-Bradley GuardLogix and Compact GuardLogix controllers, the option module allows customers to leverage one IP address for the safety and control functions, reducing the number of ports required. The networked safe torque off option module is compliant with global industry standards, providing a SIL 3/PLe Safety Integrity Level rating, and can be used for hardwired and networked safe torque off applications.

In addition, with the safety functions integrated over EtherNet/IP, customers experience reduced hardware and installation costs, improved productivity and a reduced panel footprint. The networked safe torque off option module has the flexibility to be field-installed when the functionality is required.

Appropriate for a wide variety of applications requiring safety, the safe torque off option module is well suited for almost any industry. Go to for further information.

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