Tubular machine guard handle with integral safety switch

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Tubular machine guard handle with integral safety switchElesa's new RH-FG16 tubular handle combines safety interlocking with a large, comfortable handle for opening heavy doors or panels on industrial machinery such as machine tools, press tools, moulding machines and similar equipment.

The new handle features a built-in safety switch with a pushbutton to deactivate equipment and enable access. Provision of this feature on the handle itself speeds safe opening and minimises delay in the production cycle. LEDs integrated within the handle indicate whether the door is locked or unlocked.

Standard fitment includes a safety and reset button installed on the tubular handle for easy operation by thumb. Further variants provide a safety button on the handle tube with an emergency stop button on the handle end bracket. A version with safety button, reset button and emergency stop is also available.

Electrical connection is made via an eight-pin connector for wiring to a PLC or other controls, including the machine's safety-related control system.

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