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Fingertip joystick J1 from elobauThis multi-axis fingertip joystick from elobau is one of a range of robust and compact joysticks that have been designed to control operator functions in areas with limited installation space.

With a working temperature range of -40degC to +85degC and an IP67 protection class, the J1 fingertip joystick is suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions, and the space-saving design means it is also well suited for use in small control panels. The multi axis joystick is optionally available with an integrated third axis or push button in the handle to enable the operation of additional control functions without the requirement for any additional operator controls.

The versatility of this joystick means it can be used in any number of applications that require delicate fine adjustments, from remote crane control and the control of operator functions in the armrests of off-highway vehicles to various medical technology applications.

The shielded Hall-effect technology used in this joystick ensures a long and highly reliable service life making it a cost-effective option for your application.

Key features:

  • Compact and robust design
  • IP67 protection class
  • -40degC to +85degC temperature range
  • Optional integrated third axis or push button switch
  • Optional redundant/semi-redundant output signal for safety critical applications
  • Highly reliable and long service life

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