Han-Eco connectors have new hoods for higher cable cross-section

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Han-Eco connectors have new hoods for higher cable cross-sectionHarting is expanding its Han-Eco series of lightweight connectors with two new hoods in sizes 6 B and 10 B with M40 cable entry, allowing users to take advantage of larger cable cross-sections and more cabling space within the same compact dimensions. As a result, customers can transfer more power in the same installation space.

The two new Han-Eco hoods are useful for power transmission applications where large cable cross-sections are required but the available space for the interface is limited. In the small space available, up to four modules from Harting’s Han-Modular connector series can be accommodated. The M40 cable entry provides enough space for appropriate cabling, even for high-current ranges.

Hartin’s Han-Eco 10 B enlarged hood offers significantly more cabling space than the standard type. The lengthened hood can meet the most demanding cabling requirements within its interior, thereby avoiding cumbersome alternatives with adapters and/or extensions. Ultimately, this saves the user time and money.

In addition, the key advantages of the Han-Eco series have been retained: the light plastic connectors are easy to install and corrosion-resistant, and offer the customer flexible assembly possibilities. The integrated frame and optionally enclosed cable gland reduce the number of items that need to be used.

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