Variable-flow hydraulic pump saves running costs

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Variable-flow hydraulic pump saves running costsParker Hannifin's Pump and Motor division is launching the VP1-95 hydraulic pump that delivers a variable flow of up to 200 l/min with a capability for pressures up to 420 bar - which Parker says more than matches the demands of the most advanced cargo cranes. Coupled with most common load-sensing valves on the market, the VP1-95 offers easy manoeuvring with high precision and unbeatable operator feedback, which has a significant impact on productivity.

Lars R Nilsson at Parker Pump & Motor Division comments: "The VP1-95 is also suitable for sewage trucks, smaller forestry cranes or road maintenance vehicles – any application where power and precise control of multiple functions is needed. Variable flow also minimises system heat loss, which has a positive effect on wear, reliability and, not least, fuel consumption. Fuel savings, compared to a traditional hydraulic system, can amount to several litres of diesel every hour, which reduces environmental impact and makes the VP1-95 a profitable choice."

The launch of the VP1-95 coincides with an upgrade of the whole VP1 pump family. The VP1-45, the VP1-75 and the VP1-120 all now offer higher pressure capability for improved performance and even greater reliability. By adding the new size VP1-95, which is available for delivery from May 2007, Parker says it has a variable displacement pump for any application imaginable.

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