Rittal’s hygienic solution for large control systems

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Rittal’s hygienic solution for large control systemsRittal is promoting its Hygienic Design System enclosures, which combine the features of its Hygienic Design Compact enclosures with a modular, bayable configuration.

They deliver a flexible and hygienic option that protects installed electrical and electronic equipment, even in washdown areas.

The addition of standard accessories from Rittal’s TS 8 range, plus the flexibility afforded by baying, as well as the ability to swap the door handles, gives users an option that can be tailored to suit even complex control systems in production clean rooms.

The Hygienic Design System enclosure eliminates dead space and dirt traps, which reduces the risk of both direct and indirect cross-contamination.

Features that help improve hygiene levels include:

  • Hinge and lock components located inside the seal face
  • Internally secured sloped roof and side panels
  • Blue-dyed silicone seals
  • Special protruding lock inserts
  • Hygienically designed accessories, including glands, levelling feet and viewing window

A lack of dead space and dirt traps makes cleaning easier, the more so because the roof is angled at 30 degrees and all gaps are at least finger-sized.

The enclosure has an ingress protection category of IP 59K. As such, it shields installed equipment from dust, dirt, and powerful, high-temperature, water jets, during production and cleaning, even in washdown areas.

As a result, the Hygienic Design System enclosure can have major business benefits. By making cleaning easier, and better protecting electrical and electronic components it reduces both scheduled, and unplanned, downtime. This means it can increase uptime and improve productivity while contributing to creating a hygienic production environment.

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