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Powerstax offers alternatives for obsolete power suppliesReplacements and alternatives for legacy Kingshill linear power supplies are available from Powerstax. For many years UK manufacturer Kingshill made a very large number of a wide variety of their very popular linear power supplies commonly used in high reliability industrial, test and measurement, instrumentation systems and offshore platforms.

These products are now supported by Powerstax who, in addition to a repair service, can offer direct replacement units in the event of repairs being uneconomic. Powerstax can also provide form-fit-and function replacements for discontinued items from Kingshill and other manufacturers. This practical, cost-effective alternative enables a quick and simple option for replacement of existing Kingshill and other installations. Use of Powerstax replacement products helps to speed the selection process, minimise engineering disruption and reduce the large investment traditionally associated with a power supply re-design.

Tim Worley, CEO of Powerstax, comments: “We are well known for our support of Kingshill products and any kind of web search for them will send existing users to Powerstax. What isn’t so well known is that we have designed new form, fit and function versions where the circuitry is modernised but the metalwork and connectors are Kingshill standard. This is very good news for existing Kingshill customers with systems designed around their footprint and performance but also for any users of obsolete power supplies wishing to extend the life of other obsolete power supplies who now have the opportunity to come to Powerstax for a turnkey solution.”

Powerstax offers replacements and alternatives for Kingshill linear, regulated and un-regulated power supplies and other discontinued ranges including the U and W Series modular and cased un-regulated series power supplies with output power of 28W–1600W. The Elite Series regulated series power supplies, modular cased 25W–200W models. The L Series Open-Frame regulated series power supplies from 15W–170W and the NS, NM, S, NTS, NTM, 3S, ST and TR Series high-specification regulated series modular power supplies with outputs from 10W–1200W.

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