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While many machine screws or bolts fit into a tapped thread within a larger component, the versatility of these threaded fasteners is often exploited by using a nut which Challenge Europe stock in many variations and materials. Their wide ex-stock offering includes nylon insert nuts – the most used anti-vibration self-locking nuts, often fitted where previously a full nut and jam nut were utilised, thus saving an extra operation, also reducing weight and height of the assembly; a situation where half nuts could also be used to allow for lack of space.

Specialist nuts are often called for and are stocked to locate into various substrates, for example flange nuts which help with load spreading and anti-vibration capability. Similarly, square nuts slide into channels and are often used for roofing because of their self-locating square format.

Dome nuts are a frequent option where aesthetics and safety are uppermost; on prams and fairground equipment, for example. Other standard nut forms include cage nuts for captive use, for example on 19” racks, computer panels, etc. Often in M6 sizes for electronics, they provide location with space for the nut to float and allow for adjustment. Combi nuts, on the other hand, have an integral washer retained within the nut assembly for load-spreading and anti-vibration purposes, whereas their barb nut variant incorporates paint cutting edges for earthing continuity purposes while saving fiddly assembly, loss of washer, etc.

Traditional wing nuts facilitate hand operation for quick release without tools, and the convenient U nut design is used on sheet material to provide an instant thread with load-spreading action.

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