Plug&Play Industrial IoT kit for machine condition monitoring

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Plug&Play Industrial IoT kit for machine condition monitoringBosch and Harting have pooled their expertise to develop the first Plug&Play IIoT kit for industrial applications with IP54 protection. It enables digital condition monitoring to be implemented on any type of machinery quickly and easily.

Digital condition monitoring using physical measurements such as temperature and vibration is an efficient means of permanently monitoring and improving the availability of machinery and plant. It enables changes in machine behaviour to be identified and the appropriate action taken before an unplanned stoppage occurs. However, selecting, installing and integrating suitable components in existing infrastructures can be very costly, as production plants turn to trained IT specialists for support. The IoT starter kits previously available on the market are suitable for first prototyping but are not designed for long-term use in industrial environments.

With the MICA CISS Industrial IoT Kit, developed in a co-operation between Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions and Harting Technology Group, an IoT product is now available that is operational within a day and supplies initial data immediately. The kit comprises a CISS (Connected Industrial Sensor Solution) multi-sensor unit from Bosch and the MICA Edge Computing System from Harting.

Easy set-up

Only a few steps are necessary to start the application. The small CISS sensor unit can be attached to any surface (it is protected to IP54) and detects up to eight physical factors, including temperature, humidity, vibration, change of position, pressure, light, magnetic field and acoustics. The robust IP67 MICA mini-computer can also be installed alongside the machine without the need for a control cabinet. MICA is connected to the sensor unit and the local network via industry-standard connectors. Immediately after start up, the sensor data is provided in MQTT format and displayed in a web browser via the integrated Node-RED dashboard. Data can be analysed and stored in any IT system or IoT platform and a connector for Microsoft Azure Cloud is pre-installed. Local data storage is also possible as the MICA can be supplemented with database software to meet the specific requirements.

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