Micro interconnect assemblies for digital, RF, HV and power

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Micro interconnect assemblies for digital, RF, HV and powerITT Electronic Components now offers customers working in demanding arenas the capability to deliver mixed-signal package cable assemblies that save space, reduce weight and ensure complete EMI shielding. Digital, power, high-voltage and RF signals can all be packaged in one micro interconnect assembly, and harnesses can feature multi-cable configurations with different break out schemes.

By replacing multiple connectors with one mixed signal package, and by using just one cable assembly rather than several, overall interconnect systems are lighter and occupy less space, both on the PCB and within the end equipment. Inventory costs are also reduced.

ITT is also able to deliver fully shielded assemblies, tested to meet EMI regulations. The company carefully selects high-performance dielectric materials to ensure signal integrity is maintained, even when working at speeds up to 5GHz. High-reliability potting is used to provide high-strength terminations.

Barry Cambeilh, Product Marketing Manager for the Cannon Micro connector range, says: "ITT invented the Micro connector range and has been manufacturing cable harnesses in ISO 9001 (2000) facilities for many years. We are offering this expertise - covering manufacturing, EMI/RFI, and custom design – to customers who require mixed-signal systems."

ITT's mixed-signal package custom cable assembly capability will be of particular interest to designers working on diverse projects, including avionics, radar arrays, tactical communications, shipboard systems, satellite systems, high-temperature geophysical and medical diagnostics equipment, and industrial automation.

28 March 2007

ITT Interconnect Solutions (ITT ICS)visit website
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