Modular stacking connectors carry power and signals

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Modular stacking connectors carry power and signalsITT Electronic Components is introducing a new interconnect system that eliminates up to five different proprietary power and signal cable connectors. The stacking power interconnect is a compact, cost-effective, mechanically and environmentally robust, as well as highly functional for electrically powered equipment requiring several wires to be connected to provide power and control signals for various functions.

The new stacking connectors feature a single integrated power connection with a series of stackable connector modules that distribute power and signal throughout the system. Each module consists of seven contacts, each capable of handling 15 amps. The contacts connect through a series of seven pins/receptacles. Contacts are machined, which significantly reduces tooling costs compared to conventional connectors.

Contacts can be custom-configured for each interconnect application – either terminated to cable cores connected within the module, or as feed-through contacts to allow power or signal to be routed to another module/cable in the stack. Contact geometries can be staggered within the stacked modules to meet the needs of specific applications. The modular design enables additional accessories or functions to be added to the system simply by plugging in another module, without the need to add a separate connector. Top and bottom cover modules complete the connector assembly, providing overall sealing.

Each module of the stacking interconnect system is claimed to be fully corrosion-proof, rated for 1000 mating cycles, and features a robust internal design with gold-plated contacts, soldered terminations, built-in cable strain relief, and an insert-moulded cable that meets IP67 standards.

Mechanical locking and environmental sealing is accomplished through a sealing gasket between each module, combined with a sliding lock clip mechanism that provides both a visual confirmation and a positive audible snap when the connector is mated.

Because of its environmental sealing, the stacking power interconnect is suitable for powered wheelchairs, scooters and other electrically powered mobility aids. It can also be used for hospital beds or specialised home care beds that require electrical connections to be protected from fluid or water spills. The technology can also be applied to automotive power interconnects and white goods/appliance designs.

11 May 2007

ITT Interconnect Solutions (ITT ICS)visit website
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