Optical light pipes minimise attenuation of LED output

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Optical light pipes minimise attenuation of LED outputNew Bright Pipes optical light pipes from CML Innovative Technologies (CML-IT) produce bright, even indication based on optical ray tracing. Suitable for transferring light from a PCB to a front panel, the devices conveniently and economically conduct light from SMT LEDs through angles and distances to a viewable front lens surface. This provides attractive illumination, for example, of equipment function status (eg on/off) with minimal attenuation of light output through the optical fibres between the LED light source and the lens front.

CML-IT offers a range of over 150 styles of rigid and flexible light pipes in various shapes and sizes, featuring a wide choice of mounting styles and housings to suit virtually all applications. A Bright Pipes display box demonstrating what CML-IT's range of optical light pipes can do is available at CML-IT's local offices.

06 November 2006

CML Innovative Technologiesvisit website
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