igus adds more sizes to drylin W exchange range

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igus adds more sizes to drylin W exchange rangeigus has added new sizes to its drylin W exchange range. In addition to size 10, the liners are available in sizes 16 and 20 for drylin W linear guides. Developed for quick replacement of liners in high-frequency applications, the liner can be replaced directly on the rail without dismantling the linear bearing system.

The principle of the replacement liner is quite simple:

  • The side cover of the linear housing is loosened using a screwdriver
  • With the free tool supplied, the liner is pushed out of the carriage and removed
  • The replacement liner, which is made of the wear- and abrasion-resistant iglidur J200 material, is clipped onto the rail and inserted into the carriage using the assembly tool
  • Replace the side cover on the linear housing

The practical benefits of the drylin W exchange are that the rail is not damaged, and the carriage can be reused without dismantling ancillaries of the machine. A pin in the middle of the side cover secures the liner in the carriage. Alternatively, replacement can also be carried out with a screwdriver. On the new liner and in the carriage, igus has provided special recesses for this purpose.

The drylin W exchange, with mounting tool, is easy to order online. Just like the practical retrofit kit with replacement liners, lid and mounting tool. For more information about drylin W exchange, please visit

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