EtherCAT synchronised motion for integrated drives

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EtherCAT synchronised motion for integrated drivesRecently announced by JVL Industri Elektronik A/S, and available in the UK with full support from Mclennan, the Danish company has enhanced its range of Industrial Ethernet (IE) motion control modules to include the CiA402 drive profile for its EtherCAT protocol option. This brings support for EtherCAT synchronised position (CSP) and synchronised velocity (CSV) modes, which means millisecond-level motion and machine synchronisation capability with very low jitter for demanding high-speed automation tasks

With the real benefit of straightforward installation directly on the machine with minimum wiring and reduced hardware, the EtherCAT module is available across JVL's integrated stepper and integrated servomotor offerings that combine motor, drive and optional feedback, plus motion controllers with opto-isolated digital I/O, all in single housed packages. JVL's MAC motor integrated brushless servo motors are available for motor powers to 13.5kW peak, and its ServoStep integrated stepper motors cover torques to 25Nm. The comprehensive range covers direct-on-line and DC powered variants and various protection ratings including IP55 to IP66, and stainless steel IP67 versions that suit demanding environment applications for food and pharmaceutical industries.

Aimed firmly at demanding Industry 4.0 automation applications, JVL's EtherCAT module features two Ethernet connectors for line or ring topology daisy-chaining of multiple axes, while LEDs provide a convenient status overview. Industry-standard M12 connectors offer durable interfacing for harsh industrial environments.

Configuration is straightforward with JVL's MacTalk PC application software via a mini PLC with a graphical programming environment that also includes a wide range of motion control and machine I/O interaction functions. Furthermore, JVL EtherCAT integrated motors are plug-and-play compatible with Beckhoff PLCs and also compatible with other EtherCAT-Master manufacturers such as Trio Motion, which is also a distribution partner for Mclennan. For the JVL MAC motor, all registers are accessible via the EtherCAT interface, enabling complete control of motor configuration, onboard I/O and motion.

The EtherCAT CiA402 drive profile for JVL servo and stepper motors supports the cyclic synchronised position (CSP) and cyclic synchronised velocity (CSV) modes, as well as the older modes such as profile position, profile velocity and many homing methods. Synchronised cycle values for the integrated stepper can be set for 1, 2, 3 or 4ms, while the MAC Integrated Servomotor offers 1 and 2ms cycle periods. Both have a maximum jitter value of +/-1us.

JVL also offers many other Industrial Ethernet protocols, including EtherNet/IP, Profinet IO, EtherNet Powerlink and Modbus. Other fieldbus protocols such as CANopen, DeviceNet and Profibus are also available.

Mclennan has represented JVL in the UK for over five years and also enjoys distribution partnerships with other selected motion control component and systems manufacturers. With its own comprehensive design and build service, Mclennan provides stepper and servo motor based automation systems, from single components to complete mechatronic assemblies. For more information go to

26 March 2019

Mclennan Servo Supplies Ltdvisit website
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