High-precision satellite roller screws from a UK source

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High-precision satellite roller screws from a UK sourceRollvis satellite roller screws are manufactured in temperature-controlled facilities using the latest manufacturing techniques. These high-precision linear devices accurately transform rotary movement into linear motion.

Utilising internally captivated threaded rollers that sit between the screw and the nut dramatically increases the number of contact points compared with ball screws. This mechanical advantage enables satellite roller screws to support very heavy loads while achieving precise and reliable motion.

Satellite roller screws are particularly suitable for applications where high axial loads, high speeds, and high feed rates are required. Applications to date have included flight-critical aerospace apparatus, medical operating equipment and advanced machine tools.

Key product advantages of satellite roller screws are:

  • High axial load capacity for small-diameter screw
  • Nut designs with extreme long life
  • High efficiency
  • No-backlash standard high-stiffness linear precision up to 6um/300mm
  • Can accept high rotary speeds (system RV and BRV without roller return type)
  • Extremely small leads can be supplied on large-diameter screws (system RVR with roller return design)
  • Full custom design capability

As standard, satellite screws can be supplied with outside diameters from 10mm up to 200mm. Leads can be as fine as 0.25mm. The product can be finitely accurate and capable of being adapted into very specialist and demanding linear applications.

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