Compatible microstepping drive for Siemens Simatic ET200SP

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Compatible microstepping drive for Siemens Simatic ET200SPRecently launched by Phytron GmbH and available from Mclennan, the TM StepDrive is designed specifically for the Simatic ET 200SP HA distributed and scalable I/O system. The compliance-tested microstepping drive is plug-and-play compatible with the Profinet-based Siemens PLC, enabling the seamless addition of motion control to automation systems in process control, packaging machinery, pick-and-place assembly lines and more. Available as a 24-48V DC supplied microstepping drive with adjustable peak current up to 5A, or as an indexer module with pulse-and-direction output for interfacing with more powerful external drive stages, the TM StepDrive is programmed from Siemens' STEP7 or TIA Portal as an application program or as a Simatic Technology Object.

This Siemens-approved stepper motor drive is suitable for two-phase stepper motors with 4-, 6- or 8-lead wiring and offers selectable microstepping resolution from full-step to 1/256 steps (51,200 pulses per revolution). The maximum step frequency is 250,000 steps/rev and a separate rotary encoder and a counter in the Siemens PLC may be included to provide position verification for higher microstepping rates. The controller modes available include relative and absolute positioning, move to reference point, variable free-run speed, position setting and motor/emergency stop. The drive stage version includes 100mA adjustable increments up to its 5A peak current rating, which equates to approximately 200W of shaft power.

The controller has three digital inputs for limit and reference switches, while digital outputs of clock, direction and run facilitate feedback to the PLC. The TM StepDrive is packaged in the same rack mounting design as the compact and modular Simatic ET 200SP HA. Functional safety such as Safe Torque Off (STO) may be included with the drive using the distributed I/O system's EN 61508 certified safety modules.

The scalable and highly flexible Simatic ET 200SP HA is a distributed I/O system that offers straightforward operation and features a compact design for maximum control cabinet economy. With high-speed Profinet communication, the PLC offers exceptional performance and is widely used across process and automation industries.

Mclennan supports the TM StepDrive as part of its long-term distribution and support partnership with Phytron – the German 'Mittelstand' manufacturer of industrial and specialist grade stepper motors, stepper drives, gearboxes and motion controls. Phytron is particularly strong where demanding environmental conditions call for its expertise gained across several years' experience in application areas such as aerospace, medical equipment, cleanroom, particle accelerator, cryogenics and more. Phytron's new TM StepDrive is a progressive development of its design and production programme for Siemens PLC compatible stepper drives.

With distribution partnerships and its own comprehensive design-and-build service available, Mclennan provides stepper and servo motor-based automation products from single components to complete mechatronic assemblies. Follow the link for more information about the TM StepDrive.

25 June 2019

Mclennan Servo Supplies Ltdvisit website
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