Modular transmission elements: spur gears and racks

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Modular transmission elements: spur gears and racksElesa is promoting its ZCR and ZCL rack and spur gear transmission elements, which are well suited for applications where, in addition to mechanical resistance, even quiet operations are required, with no need for lubrication maintenance.

Over the last few decades, the evolution in engineering plastics and technopolymers has led to the availability of spur gears in plastic material featuring high mechanical strengths. In addition, these plastics offer resistance to corrosion and chemical agents, as well as high resistance to torsion and good tensile strength. They also provide significant noise reduction and a low friction coefficient, which allows the use of gears even in sectors where lubrication is not recommended or is even prohibited.

The lightness of these components widens their range of application covering packaging, industrial cleaning, processing of materials, food industry, printing industry, construction of machinery for agriculture, household appliances etc. They are particularly valuable for mobile or hand held devices where ease of movement is required.

Simplicity, light weight, easy assembly, and easy alignment of these gear mechanisms enable users to fabricate simple motion gears and rack and pinion systems for operation of machines and for instrumentation applications. They are suitable for use in industrial, laboratory equipment – or for initial prototyping of equipment which is substantial enough for long-term use.

The recently introduced Elesa ZCR and ZCL modular gear racks and spur gears provide an easy to install package of quiet, lightweight, lubrication free and soft feel drives. Typically, they find application in manufacturing workstations, transfer operations, linear motion of sensors and instrumentation – also inspection systems, lifting of platforms and operating elements, positioning and measuring or other situations where quick linear movement is required.

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