Ergostyle standard components with elecolors option from Elesa

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Ergostyle standard components with elecolors option from ElesaAs a worldwide manufacturer/distributor, Elesa have rather shorter lines of communication with their customers than might otherwise be the case – a situation which allows them to focus their manufacturing expertise on rapid response and highly detailed product designs. Elesa are delighted to share the results of this in the provision of their Ergostyle brand, coupled with the elecolors programme.

Ergostyle standard components carry an identifying 5 dot logo which denotes soft-touch for special comfort, soft-style for special visual aesthetics, comfort moulded design for ease of operation giving powerful action for low effort. Fitting neatly with this specialist range is the elecolors programme enabling users to co-ordinate or feature a number of colour options to match corporate, safety or functional identification needs.

Nigel Pritchett, M.D. at Elesa (UK) explains: “We know what manufacturers want in their component supply from our worldwide relationship with our customers who, like us, are manufacturers themselves.”

Ergostyle premium line components cover the spectrum of control levers, handwheels, knobs, crank handles, wing nuts, grab handles, pull handles, adjustable handles, lobe knobs, door locks, bridge handles and related items.

Elecolors are available in a selection of industrial colours across much of the Ergostyle range where typically inserts, caps and buttons can be specified to suit the application. Further information regarding Elesa products may be found at

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