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Inmoco offers alternatives for motors no longer availableWith a number of manufacturers dropping DC servo motors from their catalogues, designers of critical equipment in areas such as industrial automation, medical and defence have had to face the prospect of rethinking their designs around alternative motors. However, Intelligent Motion Control (Inmoco) can offer drop-in replacements for a huge number of these motors thanks to the customisation options on its range of brushed DC servo motors.

Inmoco, with over 30 years of experience supplying high-reliability DC servo motors, has models available in frame sizes of 63mm, 75mm, 114mm and 165mm, with torques from 0.2Nm to 30Nm and output speeds from 3500 to 8000rpm. They are designed to provide reliability, dependability and long life in today's most challenging applications - but what makes them really interesting is the range of customisation options.

Motor shafts can be fully customised, to different diameter and length, with or without a keyway, and with further options for rear shaft extensions. Similarly, a wide range of round or square flange-mount options can be specified, not only in different sizes/diameters but also with different pilot/spigot diameters and lengths, and custom bolt diameters.

Customisation possibilities also extend to the winding, which can be optimised for different supply voltages, and to the connection options, where designers can specify flying leads, terminal box or connectors.

Similarly, a range of different feedback options can be accommodated, including tacho generator (with various voltage options) or encoder – with various line count options and complementary signals.

To meet various environmental requirements of specific applications, the motors can be specified with or without shaft seals and IP ratings of IP54, IP65 and IP67. For applications in corrosive environments, special coatings are available to provide additional protection.

The options enable the motors to be tailored to the exact specifications of a huge range of popular DC servo motor alternatives, thereby providing a drop-in replacement for existing designs or for refurbishment projects where a brushed DC servo is preferred but where the OEM original is no longer available.

Having always monitored developments in the market, Inmoco is well placed to offer advice on good alternative options to motors that are hard to source or NLA (no longer available).

Inmoco's rugged motors have been proven in many environmentally challenging applications and employ rare earth magnets in every model for reliable long-term performance. The four motors in the range are:

  • 63mm frame with output torques from 0.2-0.4Nm and speed up to 8000rpm
  • 75mm frame size with output torques from 0.4-1.6Nm and 6000rpm maximum speed
  • 114mm frame size with output torques from 2.0-8.0Nm and 5000rpm maximum speed
  • 165mm frame size with output torques from 10-30Nm and maximum speed of 3500rpm

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