ifm launches IP67 rotary encoders with IO-Link connectivity

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ifm launches IP67 rotary encoders with IO-Link connectivityCorrosion-resistant stainless-steel construction and an IP67 ingress protection rating make ifm electronic's new RV3110 rotary shaft encoders a good choice for applications in wet areas in food manufacturing and other industries. Even in challenging environments, they provide long, reliable service that reduces maintenance and downtime costs.

These innovative encoders also feature an IO-Link interface, so they need only a standard three-core cable for connection, which saves money and simplifies installation.

Well suited to applications such as conveyor and machine synchronisation, RV3110 encoders can be programmed, via the IO-Link connection, to provide up to 10,000 steps per revolution. They are incremental encoders, but the IO-Link technology extends their functionality by automatically storing their position in the event of a power failure. In many applications they can therefore be used in place of absolute encoders, which means that machine builders have to stock fewer encoder types and end users need fewer spares.

Another key benefit of RV3110 encoders is that they are fast and easy to set up. In addition, both operational and diagnostic information is available at all times via the IO-Link connection.

RV3110 encoders have a 10mm diameter solid shaft, and a complementary model – the RU3110 with a 6mm solid shaft – is also available, along with the RO3110 with a 15mm hollow shaft. The encoders are permanently identified with laser-engraved labels that remain legible even after prolonged exposure to harsh environments. All types use a standard M12 connector. ifm also offers a range of accessories, including reducing bushes, clamps and flexible couplings.

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