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Conrad Electronic is adding the technologically advanced Pro 2 power supply series from German manufacturer WAGO to its B2B sales programme. WAGO Pro 2 offers a number of attractive, unique selling points. Intelligent monitoring functions ensure transparency in the application. With their efficiency of up to 96.3 per cent (depending on device type, input voltage and load) and digital control, the highly efficient WAGO Pro 2 power supplies save considerable energy and operating costs in power electronics. The configurable overload behaviour in combination with TopBoost (multiple rated current for 15ms) and PowerBoost (150 per cent output power for 5s) guarantees a reliable supply in critical operating situations.

The single-phase power supplies with DC output of 24V; 10A, 20A and 40A; visual status display; and operation via function keys; can be used in parallel and in series. The output voltage is galvanically isolated using plug-in connection technology (SELV/PELV according to EN 61010/UL61010). Horizontal installation ensures self-cooling by convection.

The WAGO Pro 2 power supply sets new benchmarks for communication capability and parameterisation for a specific power supply of individual systems. The power supply can be operated with an industrial PLC or via an IoT gateway. This is based on an optional plug-in digital communication module, initially developed for connection to IO-Link, and also soon available for Ethernet-based protocols such as Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP and PROFINET. The functional design of the Pro 2 power supply is therefore specifically aimed at the demanding needs of users working in mechanical engineering, process technology and production automation in automotive engineering.

Stefan Wagner, Product Manager Power Supplies at WAGO emphasises: “Of particular importance for these industrial users are the intelligent monitoring functions of our Pro 2 series, with which current data and that of the connected loads are digitally stored for energy optimisation. The PLC can switch off the decentralised power supplies of individual system components by a hardware signal or bus command and switch them to standby mode.”

Kilian Braun, Product Manager at Conrad Electronic explains: “The high efficiency of the WAGO Pro 2 is very attractive for energy-conscious users. The power supplies generate considerably less waste heat. Despite their high-power density, they are designed to be very slim and require less space in the control cabinet. A digital twin simplifies planning and installation.”

An individual configuration option is provided by the “electronic circuit breaker” function. This allows the user to reliably switch off the output after a predetermined period of time if a specified overload threshold is exceeded.

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04 March 2020

Conrad Electronic International GmbH & Co KGvisit website
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