Standard and custom miniature precision lead screws

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Abssac is an established supplier of miniature precision lead screws, encompassing power and high-helix thread forms. With well over three decades of application experience, the company's engineers have been helps customers specify the correct linear product for an ever-expanding range of applications.

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Supplying many of the leading manufacturers of automated devices for the medical, biological science and semiconductor manufacturing industries, Abssac's leadscrew products are backed by a depth of knowledge that is said to be unparalleled in the marketplace. Abssac works closely with customers' engineers to develop drive assemblies that meet exact specifications and budgets. The comprehensive range covers thread forms from acme, stub acme, 60deg V, J-form and trapezoidal, while production capabilities include thread rolling, CNC machining, centreless grinding, as well as custom and standard plastic drive nut machining, and thread die grinding.

Using a unique thread-rolling process, cold forming thread rolling combines accuracy and superior surface finish with high strength. Utilising the roll forming process delivers a cost-effective alternative to traditionally cut or ground thread products. Combining these advantages with modular tooling gives the flexibility to rapidly provide quick prototype turnarounds.

With a range of matching nuts to suit a myriad of performances, as well as the facility of a fast-turnaround machine shop, lead screws and nuts can be delivered, ready to fit, in very little time. Using the machine shop also reduces customer scrap rates.

Find the right miniature precision lead screw for the right price, including support bearings, racks and splines, and other related ancillary products at the Abssac website.

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