Compact MMA/lift TIG inverters with good price/performance ratio

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Compact MMA/lift TIG inverters with good price/performance ratioESAB Welding & Cutting Products is launching the Rogue series of portable and affordable MMA/lift TIG inverters with professional arc performance and controls such as adjustable hot start and adjustable arc force. These units measure 343 × 153 × 264mm and feature ESAB’s next-level control technology to produce a smooth welding arc with all types of MMA electrodes. The Lift TIG (DC TIG) function provides positive arc starts without the use of high frequency. All Rogue models deliver a stable TIG arc down to 10 amps, giving welders the control they need to work on thin metal or delicate components.

Bartosz Kutarba, Global Product Manager – Light Industry Equipment, ESAB says: “Rogue will cause the industry to re-think its perception of power, performance and price. Welders with Rogue’s capabilities often cost twice as much.” Users include mechanical contractors and those in general fabrication, maintenance and repair, rental, process pipe, food/beverage, farming and home workshops.

Rogue features digital meters visible up from 25m away, and an optional remote controller allows users to adjust current settings without needing to go back to the machine. A robust fibreglass moulded housing is built to withstand impact, and the weather-resistant, IP23S rating makes Rogue suitable for use in tough applications.

The initial launch includes four Rogue ES models: Rogue ES 150i (150A maximum output), Rogue ES 180i (180A maximum output), Rogue ES 180i Pro (180A maximum output) and Rogue ES 200i Pro (200A maximum output). Rogue ES 150i, 180i Pro and ES 200i Pro have a duty cycle of 25 per cent at nameplate output, while the ES 180i has an output of 170A at 20 per cent duty cycle.

Professional features

Rogue Pro models run on 90–270V 1-ph input, enabling users to work in a wide variety of locations. Flexible automatic input voltage compensation ensures a steady welding arc throughout the entire input power range, which makes them suitable for main power sources with dirty power and generator power, which often fluctuates.

Pro models also feature Power Factor Correction (PFC), so they draw less than 15A of current. As a result, users can use a smaller circuit breaker and reduce the worry of nuisance trips when welding at full output. Using the latest technology PFC circuit also enables welding with up to 100m of cable extensions, further increasing location flexibility. Rogue Pro models weigh 8.25kg because of the PFC circuit, while Rogue 150i and 180i weigh 6.8kg.

All Rogue models offer adjustable hot start and arc force control. Hot start increases current beyond the set value for a few milliseconds to help establish the arc. It especially helps with low-hydrogen electrodes, which can be notoriously difficult to start. Arc force control increases amperage when the voltage drops below a preset threshold. As a result, operators can hold a shorter arc length without the electrode sticking, which is beneficial when welding in narrow gaps, in corners and out-of-position. Compared with other welders, Rogue units feature a higher open circuit voltage (OCV), which also promotes better arc starts. The Rogue ES 150i/180i has an OCV of 63V and the Pro models have an OCV of 78V.

Rogue comes with a shoulder strap, plastic case and rugged work cable (3m) and electrode holder (5m cable), both with 50mm dinse connections.

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