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New Panasonic placement machinePanasonic Factory Solutions, a division of Panasonic Industry Europe, has introduced a new dual-gantry, multi-head, odd-form placement and insertion machine. Known as the NPM-VF, it is the latest development in a line of previous SMT oddform placement machines and is stated “To provide new levels of flexibility within the production environment”.

The new machine features various configurations of head tools and machine feeder options to deliver a high-speed throughput of up to 4,500cph, with individual component sizes ranging from 5×5mm up to 130×35mm and 60mm in height. The integrated body chuck is designed to grip large, odd-form components without a pick surface, and through-hole components are handled by the lead chuck. Standard options for the highest insertion flexibility are the active ‘cut and clinch’ function and high insertion forces of between 100N and 150N. Components can be provided by a choice of feeder cart, single tray or double tray. In addition to standard SMT intelligent tape feeders, Panasonic says various component feeding types are possible: tray feeder, stick feeder, radial and axial tape feeders and bowl feeders. Additionally, components can be loaded whilst the machine is running, reducing downtime.

Panasonic states that the NPM-VF can be integrated into a connected production environment with line manager software iLNB, and can be managed by PanaCIM Gen2. High-level software features, such as auditable verification, plant-wide total traceability, automatic changeover and materials tracking are also available as part of the package to further increase productivity.

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22 June 2020

Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe GmbHvisit website
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