Power/signal connectors are alternative to IEC EN 60309 types

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Harting's new Han K 4/4 is a combination power/signal connector that combines four power and four signal connectors in a single Han 10B construction size housing.

The new connector is designed for use in industrial automation and machine building applications where sensor signals need to be terminated alongside power supply conductors and routed via integral signal contacts for connection in a system control unit.

Despite the compact size of the Han 10 B housing, it has been possible to house four power contacts plus a separate PE (protective earth) contact by making maximum use of the available space and using space-saving axial screw terminations. These power contacts and the PE contact can be used for wire gauges of up to 22mm2, enabling current-carrying capacities of up to 63A to be achieved.

The four signal contacts are each rated at up to 16A and are housed in the cage clamp termination. No special tooling is required for assembly, making the Han K 4/4 a field-attachable connector that can be used everywhere.

Both the female and male inserts are finger-safe and can be used in many diverse applications. The combination of very compact size and the finger protection of the female and male contacts make the new insert a viable alternative to circular IEC EN 60309 connectors for many applications.

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