Han connector module is rated to 70A at 1000V

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Harting is adding a new insert module with a current rating of 70A to its Han-Modular range of industrial connectors for electrical, optical, pneumatic, power and signals.

The new Han 70A module accommodates two power contacts with axial screw terminations, and is rated for voltages of up to 1000V at 70A. Although this module has a high electrical power rating, it is only half the size of Harting's existing 100A module.

Wires from 6-22mm2 (AWG 8-4) can be used, and the termination requires no special tools; a 2.5mm hexagonal key is all that is required to make a safe and reliable electrical connection.

The new module also features finger-safe male contacts that are protected by an additional plastic cap. This enables safe connections to be made in applications such as frequency convertors, power ring circuits or battery charging circuits where the power could be present on both the male and female side of the connector.

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