ProSafe-RS gains improved communications and digital outputs

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Yokogawa Electric Corporation is launching an enhanced version of the ProSafe-RS safety instrumented system, ProSafe-RS R1.03. To meet the latest safety instrumentation needs of the oil, petrochemical and other industries, the remote optical communications capability has been enhanced and a digital output module and a simulation test function have been added.

Although distributed control systems (DCSs) and safety instrumented systems have conventionally been kept separate, high-level integration of their functions is increasingly required to ensure the right balance between operational efficiency and safety.

To meet these needs, Yokogawa released the ProSafe-RS safety instrumented system, and has continuously strengthened its functions to work in conjunction with the Centum CS3000 R3 integrated production control system. In particular, these enhancements have strengthened functions that improve efficiency by enabling instrumentation rooms to be placed in one central location.

ProSafe-RS R1.03 enhancements

1. Enhanced communications

By using optical bus repeaters, the ProSafe-RS controller and the I/O modules can now communicate at distances up to 50km over a fibre-optic cable. This enables the instrumentation rooms for individual processes and the safety instrumented controllers located throughout a large-scale plant to be placed in a single location.

Furthermore, this increase in the communications range enables the monitoring and control of field devices for safety instrumentation that are installed in wellhead areas and other remote locations.

2. Digital output module

A high-current digital output module for-long distance wiring is now available.

3. Simulation test function

A simulation test function has been added that uses software* to test the communication with DCSs, operation monitoring, and communication between safety instrumented system controllers. With this function, these simulations can be run when a connection with the hardware has not been established, thereby improving engineering work efficiency.

* To carry out these simulation tests, a separate test software package for the Centum CS 3000 R3 is required.

ProSafe RS is targeted at the oil, natural gas, petrochemical and other process industries that make use of systems for emergency plant shutdown, fire prevention/fighting, and burner management.

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