Compact hybrid stepper motor is just 13mm long

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Measuring just 13mm long and 46mm diameter, but delivering an impressive 5Ncm holding torque, Tamagawa's TS3218 series flat hybrid stepper motors provide a powerful, compact means of controlling position. Available from Mclennan Servo Supplies, these 200/400 step/rev motors are supplied in 5V and 12V versions for unipolar and bipolar drive connection with current ratings from 0.165-0.25A/phase.

The two-phase TS3218 series is manufactured in high volumes for the pan-and-tilt security camera industry but is now being widely used in other cost-sensitive and space-restricted applications in the medical device, scientific instrument and business equipment markets.

As a leading motion component distributor and manufacturer of mechatronics systems, Mclennan is able to engineer the TS3218 stepper motor into the customer's application with drive pinions, pulleys or gearboxes from its extensive range. Spur and planetary gearbox ratios are available from 5:1 to 15000:1 in precision or commercial accuracy grades, and specialised output shafts, customised mechanics, adapter plates, and other powertrain components are readily available.

30 October 2007

Mclennan Servo Supplies Ltdvisit website
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